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@C9N 452'4 -0'4
@S9N 907'6 11'0
@W9N 540'0 1'4
@O9N 296'4 -6'2
MSFT 133.080000 0.630000
WMT 108.795000 - 0.275000
XOM 74.955000 0.605000

County LDP
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Local Cash Bids
FS GRAIN,Ashton   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Ashton Corn      Chart June      
  Ashton Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Beecher   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Beecher Corn      Chart June      
  Beecher Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Bourbonnais   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Bourbonnais Corn      Chart June      
  Bourbonnais Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Buda   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Buda Corn      Chart June      
  Buda Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Creston   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Creston Corn      Chart June      
  Creston Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Fitchmoor   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Fitchmoor Corn      Chart June      
  Fitchmoor Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Grand Ridge   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Grand Ridge Corn      Chart June      
  Grand Ridge Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Harmon   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Harmon Corn      Chart June      
  Harmon Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Kankakee   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Kankakee Corn      Chart June      
  Kankakee Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Kentland   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Kentland Corn      Chart June      
  Kentland Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Lanark   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Lanark Corn      Chart June      
  Lanark Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Mazon   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Mazon Corn      Chart June      
  Mazon Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Odell   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Odell Corn      Chart June      
  Odell Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Ohio   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Ohio Corn      Chart June      
  Ohio Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Polo   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Polo Corn      Chart June      
  Polo Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Ransom   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Ransom Corn      Chart June      
  Ransom Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Route 30   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Route 30 Corn      Chart June      
  Route 30 Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Shannon   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Shannon Corn      Chart June      
  Shannon Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Serena   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Serena Corn      Chart June      
  Serena Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,St Anne   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  St Anne Corn      Chart June      
  St Anne Soybeans      Chart June      
FS GRAIN,Sycamore   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Sycamore Corn      Chart June      
  Sycamore Soybeans      Chart June      
Marquis Energy   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Marquis Corn      Chart June      
River Morris   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Morris Corn      Chart June      
  Morris Soybeans      Chart June      
River Ottawa/Lacon   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Ottawa/Lacon Corn      Chart June      
  Ottawa/Lacon Soybeans      Chart June      
River Seneca   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Seneca Corn      Chart June      
  Seneca Soybeans      Chart June      
Delong Joliet   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Delong Corn      Chart Fall      
  Delong Soybeans      Chart June      
Price as of 06/17/19 10:38AM CDT.
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